Bitrush does not use a maximum amount for buy and sell orders per day for orders with IDEAL, Bancontact and MyBank. We do use a purchase-limit per buy order.

Maximum per buy order:
IDEAL:              25.000 EUR
Bancontact:     10.000 EUR
MyBank:           10.000 EUR
CreditCard:       1.000 EUR

So you are permitted to place as much order as you like as long as you do not exceed the maximums stated above per order (except for CreditCards).

For CreditCards we are obligated to use purchase-limits per two days out of security measurements. The purchase-limit for creditcards for a first order with Bitrush is 1.000 EUR per two days. After these two days the purchase-limit will be increased to a maximum of 1.500 EUR per two days (the maximum of 1.000 EUR per order still stands) For the build-up of the purchase-limits please see our page for payment-methods.

Maximum per sell order:
For sell orders there is a maximum of 25.000 EUR per order. You can place as much orders as you like as long as you do not exceed the limit of 25.000 EUR per order.

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