Safety measure
The cooling-down period is a safety measure that ensures that coins are held for a period of 2 working days once a purchase limit has been reached. The reason for this period is to create a timeframe for Bitrush and the banks in which possible fraud can be detected. Since there have been quit a few cases of fraud the past few weeks we are extra careful with new costumers.

Example of cooling-down period
Hereby an example of the cooling-down period for new costumers making a purchase with iDeal. Suppose you place an order for € 50, you will keep a purchase limit of € 150 for the following two working days. If you exceed these € 150, your coins will be temporarily retained. The next period begins once the two working days are up. 

Skip the cooling-downperiod

If you wish to skip the cooling-down period it is possible to do an additional ID-verification procedure. After verification of your ID we are able to send the coins before the cooling-down period ends. 

Increase of purchase limit
After completing the first cooling-down period your purchase limit will increase to € 10.000. To see all different cooling-down periods check our page for payment methods

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