1. No middleman is required to perform a transaction and there are no bank transaction fees.
  2. You can universally and instantaneously transfer and receive bitcoins at any time. There are no public holidays, borders or imposed limits!
  3. You have complete control over your transactions. It’s impossible for a company to debit unwanted or unrecognised fees from your wallet for example.
  4. You pay no or extremely low commission.
  5. Bitcoins are almost infinitely divisible. You can make a transfer of 0.00000001 bitcoin for example.
  6. Privacy and anonymity; all bitcoin transactions are permanently stored in the bitcoin public ledger (blockchain), and the balance of every bitcoin address is visible to everyone at all times. However, providing the owner has not released personal information during a transaction, their identity cannot be determined on the basis of their bitcoin address.
  7. Bitcoins are impossible to counterfeit and thus readily and instantly identifiable.
  8. Storing bitcoins is completely free, exceptionally easy and doesn’t require the involvement of third parties.
  9. Bitcoin payments are irreversible and a bitcoin transaction cannot be undone. It can only be repaid by the recipient.
  10. The number of bitcoins is restricted to a maximum of ~21 million. As a result, bitcoin is essentially immune to inflation.
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